Amendments to the Qualification & General Rules for 2012

See also: Amendments to the Qualification & General Rules for 2011

Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls Event

The Stewards have decided to introduce an event for Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls at the 2012 Regatta. The event will be offered for eight quads racing in the Regatta and there will be Qualifying Races.

The introduction of this new event is being announced now, well in advance of the 2012 Regatta, in order to allow clubs, schools and coaches an extended period of preparation. It is hoped that both the National Schools’ Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta will see significantly increased numbers of entries in this category at their 2011 events.

The Qualification Rules for this event will be the same as for The Fawley Challenge Cup for Junior Men.

8th December 2010

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The Secretary
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