Amendments to the Qualification & General Rules for 2011

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The Thames and Wyfold Challenge Cups

The Stewards have decided that rowers competing in The Thames and in The Wyfold Challenge Cups may only race in one event at the same Regatta i.e. the practice of rowers doubling up will no longer be allowed.

The Stewards consider that, in the past, doubling up in these events added very little to the Regatta. It simply increased the number of crews racing in the Qualifying Races and it complicated both the timetabling of the Qualifying Races and the creation of the Daily Racing Programme. No crew that was seriously intent on performing well in either event would contemplate any form of doubling up.

The Fawley Challenge Cup

The existing Qualification Rules for The Fawley Challenge Cup allow for the formation of composite quads. In recent years the trend to create such crews has been increasing, more composite crews are racing in the actual Regatta and they are now dominating the final stages of the event.

Many of these composite quads are not formed until after the National Schools’ Regatta. In some instances existing club and school quads are dismantled and the better scullers formed into composite crews just for a Henley appearance. This process does not appear to serve the development of junior sculling in Great Britain.

The Stewards have decided to change the Rules of The Fawley Challenge Cup to restrict the entries to a single club or school i.e. no composite crews.

8th December 2010

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