Sample of Chefs specials (When available, we rotate specials)

Slow roasted pork belly and apple mash, fresh vegetables and gravy. £12.50

Pan fried Alaskan Salmon fillet, sauté potatoes and salad £13

Mushroom and vegetable risotto and garlic bread £10

Homemade traditional beef lasagne, side salad and garlic bread £ 11

Chicken bacon and mushroom tagliatelle with garlic bread. £10

Homemade steak and mushroom pie, creamed mash potato, veg and gravy. £12

Pan fried fillet steak medallions with mushrooms, chips and salad. £19

Grilled Lamb chops, sauté potatoes, fresh veg and gravy. £15

Grilled pork loin steak, sauté potatoes fresh veg and gravy £11

Homemade vegetarian lasagne side salad and garlic bread £ 10


We will do our best to cater for personal taste and dietary requirements.

Please advise us of any food allergies so we can help you order accordingly.

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